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About Jackie



I’m a dietitian specializing in pediatrics through young adulthood, as well as a runner, mom, and ice cream connoisseur.  I am a weight-inclusive, non-diet dietitian and advocate of intuitive eating.  I'm passionate about working with individuals and families struggling with eating issues, weight and growth concerns.  

In the past I struggled with my own eating issues, which culminated in a diagnosis of female athlete triad – I had an under-fueled, highly active body and an overly stressed mind, and had trouble getting pregnant. Since my own recovery, I have dedicated my practice to helping people achieve nutritional balance, not perfection. 

Professional Bio


Jackie has over a decade of experience practicing as a registered dietitian.  She has developed and led corporate wellness programs for several large firms in the greater New York area.  She has been featured as a guest speaker at Bloomberg, One World Trade, lululemon Run Club, NYU Langone Medical Center, and The Juilliard School, and has blogged for the Lane 9 Project, Mommybites and Kidz Central Station. 


Jackie is a consulting dietitian at The Juilliard School (through her affiliation with Nutrition Conditioning LLC), and is a pediatric dietitian with The Center for Advanced Pediatrics.  She has held positions as a registered dietitian at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center.   


Jackie holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Providence College, as well as a Master’s degree in nutrition from Boston University.  She completed a fellowship in pediatric nutrition at UMass Memorial Medical Center, and is a board certified specialist in sports dietetics, as well as a certified Wellcoach.  In 2012, Jackie was named the Massachusetts Dietetic Association's Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year. 


Jackie lives in New Canaan, CT with her husband, their two children, and their rescued pup. 

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